Rich authoring experience

Interactive content with adaptive video streaming

Multimedia, animation, and simulation

AR, VR, and more

Empower learners and instructors

Interactive forums and discussion boards

Advanced learner and Instructor dashboards

Live video conferencing

Multimedia learning

Design engaging, interactive learning content on any topic by harnessing the latest in High Definition (HD) video, animation, simulation, and Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR) learning technology

Adaptive learning

Create personalized learning experiences with tools that adapt to the needs of the learners in real time.

Rich capabilities to design and deliver recommendation systems, course content, and assessment variability.

Live video conferencing

Team-based learning

o To encourage team-based learning by offering your employees, students, and extended workforce a diverse set of collaboration tools like discussion forums, group chats, video conferencing, and file sharing.

Project-based learning

Empower learners to complete individual and team-based projects .

Incorporate cutting-edge learning programs including online micro-degrees and full degree programs.

Cross-device / cross-platform

Works on any device

Seamlessly integrates with third party tools and extensions such as Salesforce

Intelligent analytics

Dashboards with near real-time data analysis

Insights for course teams

Extensive data collection for learning researchers & instructors

Rich eCommerce capabilities

XFerLearn eCommerce capabilities support a large set of catalog items, products, and bundles, including multi-payment options such as PayPal.

Block chain technologies

Learners Data security

Certificate authentication


XFerLearn is GenX Learning Management System is learner-centric software makes learning easier and studying faster , adapts to both academic and institutional needs , combines with the AI and Block chain to deliver inspiring learning experiences on any scale and enables online campuses, instructor-led courses, degree programs, and self-paced courses using a single platform.

XFerLearn is designed to engage learners and instructors in an interactive, modular way. It promotes active learning by using video snippets, interactive components and game-like experiences.

XFerLearn is designed to easily and confidently scale for small learning group to thousands of simultaneous learners

XFerLearn provides superior pedagogy by allowing instructors to create engaging learning sequences, which promote active participation as students alternate between learning concepts and solving simple exercises to check their understanding. The course content is presented through learning sequences: a set of interwoven videos, readings, discussions, wikis, collaborative and social media tools, exercises and materials with automatic assessments and instant feedback.

Students can move at their own pace following a self-regulating learning process. They complete interactive assessments and receive instant feedback.

Security & Privacy

Enterprise grade SSL

Inherent DDoS protection